Counseling Approach

Suzi feels that a strong counselor/client relationship which consists of a non-judgmental, supportive yet softly challenging, genuine, and collaborative environment is the most important ingredient for effective counseling. Every client, couple, and family is unique and faces their own challenges and has their own set of strengths and inner resources to overcome those obstacles.

Suzi is an integrative therapist which means that she weaves together different modes of intervention to create change. She will help you explore your underlying beliefs and identify recurring themes that may lead to maladaptive patterns. Different theoretical approaches she pulls from are structural and systemic family therapy, EMDR therapy, career counseling, mindfulness training, cognitive behavioral therapy, humanistic and strength-based techniques, and Integrative Life Planning. Different techniques are utilized to help translate your awareness and understanding into action and change. Suzi’s interactions with you will be based upon your needs and not on adherence to one particular theoretical framework.

Counseling Process

Some unfamiliar to counseling, may view it as a counselor providing answers. When a counselor is listening carefully and responding fully during a session, it is about the experience. It is helping to uncover people’s strengths, unrecognized needs, new or under-utilized talents and problem solving abilities to become unstuck and accomplish their personal, relationship, and career goals.

When a client is discussing something negative or emotionally triggering, they are able to experience this topic in a more positive way. Once a strong therapeutic relationship has been established, a client can feel safe to discuss and explore their frustrations, pain, and emotions. By the client “feeling heard” and having someone walk with them during this part of their life journey, helps them become attuned to their inner state and resources. Bringing awareness into the present moment – paying attention to their feelings, body sensations and their thoughts – effective resources are introduced to ease the triggering event. The negative emotions are being paired with positive resources, building up the client’s inner core strength to better handle the negative emotion.

Getting Started

Suzi welcomes you to call (973) 577-7081 for an initial phone consultation. This will give you an opportunity to describe the challenges you or your family are facing and to learn more about Suzi’s approach to therapy. If you decide that Suzi’s skills and approach are a good fit for the goals for yourself and/or your family, an appointment can be scheduled.

Suzi encourages her potential clients to speak with several counselors before scheduling an appointment. Finding the right fit is important, as therapy is most successful when a client feels comfortable with their therapist.

After an appointment is scheduled, clients register and complete forms via the client secure area. This enables Suzi to understand a clients’ information and goals for counseling before the start of the first session. This also reduces the amount of time required during the initial session for discussing administrative policies.

The first session is spent with client(s) sharing their history, current challenges, strengths, emotions, physical well being, and therapy goals. After careful assessment, the second session consists of creating a plan together to overcome a client’s current life challenges. Collaboration is always based upon respect and empowerment during the counseling process.