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Welcome to Integrative Counseling Solutions

Welcome To Integrative Counseling SolutionsWe all experience different challenges in our life journey, from small bumps in the road, life changing events, ongoing negative life circumstances, and disruptions in our life cycle developments.  When challenges take place, no one has the same exact experience and finding/returning to a place of wellness is a unique individual/family path that can be uncovered through integrative counseling.

Suzi uses a collaborative approach at Integrative Counseling Solutions with clients to discover unique and effective strategies that integrate these different areas of their life so they can experience the life they envision.  Working through life, relationship, and career challenges can seem like a daunting task. Many times you may find yourself asking, where do I start? Working with Suzi can help to prioritize your challenges and finding solutions to integrate your life in an honest, supportive, compassionate, and genuine environment.